Why I win

Angela Spang

YOU HAVE HEARD the old saying that “failing is not an option”. In a way that is true for me too.

I am competitive, and I like winning. No doubt about that (anyone who has seen me in any kind of sports will testify to that), but it isn’t my greatest driver: The two runners in the picture with me above are. Two very different individuals, both with their own future ahead of them, filled with opportunities. One of them is VERY competitive, the other one mostly concerned with making everyone happy.

It is so important to me that I share both the tough days as well as the winning moments with them both, so that they understand that life has an element of both, no matter what it looks like from the outside. I work very hard for the success we have, and it is important to me that the girls know that nothing comes for free.

In my career I have met people with different drivers: fear of failure, ego, money, happiness, competetiveness…the list goes on. As a leader, understanding these drivers is the key to motivation. Unless you can replace it with something new: a common goal, a shared vision, a dream.

If you can COMBINE THE TWO, you are unstoppable.