When Idea Meet Market, Magic Happens

I frequently meet people who, wbig eyeshen finding out I have three companies, widen their eyes slightly. I have learned that it usually means one of three things:

  1. You think I am a workaholic
  2. You want one too
  3. You think I am really rich

I am going to leave 1 and 3 out. Neither is true. More on that later (that is a different post entirely).

So 2. You want one too. Great! I can’t see myself ever going back into a salaried job working for someone else, so I warmly recommend following your dreams and take the leap.Idea meets market

You may not know it, but you have prepared your whole life to be a business owner. Every interaction you’ve had, every number you’ve calculated, every website you’ve seen and every idea you’ve ever had will be useful to you when you start your own company. You just have to wait for the right opportunity.

The big worry for a start-up is usually: “Will it work!?” What if I give it everything, and I fail….?! I am trying to illustrate what to look for here. When you find that sweet spot, your chances of success will multiply tremendously.

Keep your eyes open. Think about it, visualise it and draw your picture of what it looks like. Make sure that when it comes, you know what to do.

And then….”No Guts, No Glory!”