What awards mean to me

Awards mean nothing if you have to celebrate alone

Allergan Award For Excellence….
(BUT I am most proud of the team I inherited and built, since I was told to I should fire half but instead we grew it into an envied and effective unit, build on individual strengths and cohesive collaboration.)

AMS Award….
(But I am most proud of how the team managed to take our Women’s Health portfolio to market leadership in all the major markets, and how well we worked together with the countries and our customers to lead during challenging times)

Best New Business Award 2015…
(But I am most proud of how we have managed to keep our staff healthy and happy, and how we have managed to serve our customers globally during the pandemic.)

UK Entrepreneur of the Year 2017….
(But I am most proud of how my team has trusted me, in crisis after crisis, to keep us safe, do the right thing, steer us through the unchartered waters and come out as winners on the other side.)

UK CEO of the Year 2021….
(But I am most proud of the comment I got from a customer in the UK, a surgeons whom I have known for a long time who said “your personal trademark is ‘ethical success”. Best compliment ever from a surgeon to someone in industry.)

The Queens Award for Enterprise: INNOVATION 2021….
(but I am most proud of how I, an immigrant, have been able to show my children that no matter where you come from and what background you have, good things come to those who stay focused, work hard and stick to what they are good at.)