Two new people to help find their strengths!! Who’s excited!?!

Angela Spang


In september, we have a new apprentice start, on a rotation program between 3 of my companies. She is in for a treat very different to most apprenticeships: she originally didn’t want to do one, because she was afraid she would be filing and making tea for a year.

Not with us. Here, you learn.

When Ifsa (our first apprentice) started, we gave her responsibility for the entire

website within 2 weeks. (of course with guidance and training and support and all that, but it was HERS.)

And Olivia (our second apprentice) was straight into taking customer service calls (from the NHS!) after her first two weeks.

The reason we do a rotation program is that few of us realise what we are really good at. If you are 18 or 19, you’re  even more unlikely to have it all figured out. So, we give everything a go, and see where affinity develops. We find talent, and young people find their strengths. (…and a job. We have hired 100% of our apprentices so far, and we intend to continue that trend. )

“Leader is an attitude, not a position”

Give someone your time. Share your expertise. You don’t have to be a senior leader to have something of value to share (Leader is an attitude, not a position). And ask: “What is your strength” and help people find the answers.

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