Startup Confidence is a wobbly road

Angela Spang


Every now and then you wobble. No matter how convinced you are of your idea, nobody remains confident at all times. None of us can say we haven’t had moments when we think “screw this, I just want a normal job”, and we go on to thinking how amazing it would be to have 28 vacation days every year, a monthly guaranteed salary, perhaps an annual bonus and a company car that you didn’t have to pay for yourself.

But then all of a sudden, sometimes out of the blue, comes the breakthrough. That meeting you’ve wanting so badly for months or even years is right in front of you. You know if can change everything…over night.

Now what do you do? Do you prepare like crazy? Design ever word, every gesture? Do you do a slide set just for that one meeting? Or….do you simply breathe?

I am sitting on the train on the way to one of those meetings, and I am doing none of the preparations above. Maybe that’s a mistake. Maybe I will blow my big chance. But I can’t help but thinking that every step ive taken in my startup journey, every decision, every piece of feedback has prepared me for this.

Don’t get me wrong: I know what I want to accomplish, and I am clear on how I want the conversation to go.

I just need to trust my own capabilities, and do what I do best; think on my feet and solve the problem.

Wish me luck.