Roe VS Wade feels….relevant.

Angela Spang

I lost fifteen years of my youth, but survived. The harrowing story of a past I never wanted has been unknown to even my closest friends and family….until now. I can’t talk about it, so I wrote it down.

It isn’t what you see.
I know my story will shock a lot of people. I hope a lot of people will feel that they know me a little better, that perhaps decisions I make and choices I pursue make a little more sense now.

I want people to understand (or perhaps even to get inspiration from) is that if a broken young girl like me can be a strong, confident, happy, successful businesswoman, anyone can.

If you see me as a high-flying company owner who jets around the world with an amazing and loving husband and two smart, kind and inspirational children, and know the struggle that I went through to get there, then surely that is my legacy.

I am EVIDENCE that Where you come from doesn’t determine where you are going.

I wrote Outspoken about what I never told anyone. Until now.

With the current #roevswade discussing the rights to womens bodies, it feels important to share about what happened to me.