Performance and Perception: how to get it right

Angela Spang

Nobody likes a bragger. Ever. And I am absolutely not suggeting you should go around tooting your own horn, thats just annoying. I am not even saying you should be telling people about the work you do in detail, because “just getting things done” is a talent in itself.

But if you have a problem with perception of your performance, I suggest you start by doing the following to change it:

  • Communicate enough, to ensure you share progress steps with those around you
  • Ask people for feedback, so you can address the perceptions they have
  • Share your workload in a constructive way: “when I managed a similar problem last week, I…”
  • find a few trusted colleagues who can be your sounding board for when you do something that rubs people the wrong way, so you can make sure your performance isn’t being lost because the perception gets in the way.

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