Frustrated and scared

Angela Spang

Most things in my life I feel like I can control. I can master my companies, budgets, strategic plans, people and business relationships.

But my body is driving me crazy. I just don’t WORK! It makes me frustrated and angry, and I hate the feeling of weakness. I battle my health fairly constantly: one thing after another — if it isn’t an infection, is muscle pain, or a bad hip, or any other stupid problem. Most days I am so tired I am down by 9pm, and drag myself out of bed at 7am when the children wake up.

Now I am standing here with a heat pack on my neck, since I am so stiff I can’t really move. I have of course tried some stuff, but my point is I don’t HAVE TIME to go see a chiropractor or get massages or see doctors or do tests every month! Can you IMAGINE how much I would get done if I would just be strong and healthy?!

That being said, when I was younger I was very sick for many years, and I was in pretty bad shape. I am MUCH better now, and I know I should be grateful for what I have, and that it didn’t leave bigger injuries than this, but it is just SO frustrating to never be fully well.

Ok, rant over. Sorry. Back to budget sheet for potential new office building.

(Point is: if you’re well and strong, appreciate it!!!!)