Does it look good?

Angela Spang

I run three companies, I work part time, I chair a charity for the local school, and have an amazing family whom I love, and who love me in return. I live in a big house in the center of an affluent town, and we have just had our downstairs refurbished with the help of an interior decorator.  I would guess that on the surface, it all looks pretty enviable.

And don’t get me wrong — I know very well how lucky I am. Not a day  goes by without me talking to my kids about being grateful, humble and generous.

My point with this is that not everything is as it seems.

Being a leader is lonely, but I don’t complain. I chose this. Being busy? Same thing. I made that choice too.

But I would give it all up in a heart beat, if I could cure my dad.  He is a cancer sufferer, since ten years back. He is battling this cruel, unforgiving, crippling torture that we call cancer, and he does it with strength, integrity, determination and power. But of course, we know how it ends. We are close, my dad and I, very close, and this breaks my heart.  You may have heard my comment on the radio last week, where I shared how my parents have been enablers for my dreams — this is true in so many ways. That’s how he got into horses 🙂

I don’t talk about this often, but I wanted to mention it in case this life looks easy. In many ways it is, but in the ways that matter the most (love and family), it isn’t easy at all.