By myself, in the shower.

I cried this morning. By myself, in the shower. I have done that for several days….

I know, I know….I have everything. I am a successful business owner, happily married with 2 amazing kids. I am a Queens Award winner, I have a great team, I am being appointed as a Buckinghamshire Swan Envoy next week. I have everything I could have ever dreamed of. It looks so easy, so amazing.

But I am heartbroken. I am so sad for the little girl who was brutally ripped from me. I am sad for the damage she sustained and the damage she imposed on others. I am sad for the years lost, and for the things she never got to experience. I am sad for the people she lost, and for the people she never found.

As I read my memoir that has just been delivered (only a few pages at a time because that’s all I can manage) I start to come to terms with my past.
I wrote the book to explain, and to say I’m sorry to everyone I hurt and to everyone I left behind in my quest to achieve, be seen and in my attempt to make up for the years that were stolen.

I wrote it to do clarify and apologize, but also to bring hope.

Remember; It is NOT where you come from; what matters most is where you are going. And only YOU will decide that.

With love/