Once upon a time there was a girl

Angela Spang

Once upon a time there was a girl who was told by her boss that she was great at getting things done, but she wasn’t very good at making sure everyone was with her. He said that he always had to spend time picking people up  and dust them off after a project or task was completed.

The girl was pretty hurt by that comment, and it stayed with her for a long time. He probably didn’t mean it to hit so hard, but the girl was sad, and her confidence dropped to even lower levels. You see, she was already not sure about what she was really good at, so she tried so very hard to get her tasks done as fast and efficient as possible, so people would like her more. She was heartbroken when he told her that what she was doing wasn’t good enough, her approach didn’t work.

Strategy was really not in her job remit at the time, so her abilities of seeing the big picture and set plans in place for that to happen wasn’t appreciated at all. She didn’t know it was strength of hers, so when others couldn’t see the big plan and the end goal, and didn’t do what was needed, the girl got very upset. Did they not care? Did they not do their best? She didn’t understand at all; how could they not do what so clearly needed to be done!? 

She worked harder and harder, and despite getting promoted and awarded, she was still not very happy. The words were still with her, in every meeting, and in every task force.

It took many years for her to meet other leaders, who could see her strengths (and teach her what they were) before she bloomed, and truly became a leader, admired and followed by her trusting teams.

Dear reader, look around. Is she working for you? If she is, tell her she is Good Enough.