5 weeks of sandy toes

Angela Spang

I have been gone for 5 weeks. Very Swedish, my summer holiday (pretty much everyone takes 4 weeks off in July. Great concept: since everyone is off at the same time, nobody comes back to a mountain of work!)

Let me share why that is SO important.

From top to toe:
Head: 2 weeks do nothing for my mind. It still buzzes with what is going on, and doesn’t slow down a bit. a month like this, when the biggest challenge is how to stay upright on the SUP or what to order form the menu…THAT is a different level of recovery and rest.

Neck: I can turn! Left AND right, without wincing in pain.

Heart: Filled to the brim with family, laughter, joy and sunshine.

Tummy: also filled 🙂

Legs: Strong. Stronger than in a long time. Ready to take me new places, beyond where I have gone before, figuratively and literally. Also tanned 🙂

Feet: Feet are important to me, since my dancing days. I have spent enormous amount of time and effort on my feet (try a pointe shoe and you’ll know why). I will spend as much time as possible bare feet. I have rediscovered my love for beach walks, sand between toes and sun-bleached nail polish.

All in all, I have had a complete rest and restoration time. I didn’t realise how tired I was until now, when I am back at my desk with a new glow. I am SO EXCITED for what is happening now, and can’t wait to get going.

(and before someone starts to think it is easy to take off 5 weeks when you own the company; remember I’ve had 8 years of not being off AT ALL.)