10 Things To DO for Entrepreneurs while in LockDown

Angela Spang

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Mr Benji Dhillon, Cosmetic Surgeon and successful clinic owner in Beaconsfield, England. It was the first time I had done an Insta Live interview, and it was both simple and fun.

Dr Benji Dhillon

We spoke about my current work to source PPE for healthcare workers, the work I have been doing to help build ventilators in the UK, as well as some practical things that entrepreneurs and business owners CAN do during this difficult time for companies.

During the Live Streaming, there were many requests for me to repeat the list, so instead of going back, we agreed that I would write them down and share them, which we did.

Here they are for you as well, should you wish to spend some time using this period to get some of that stuff done that we never ever seem to get around to!

If you have other suggestions, please share in the comments — I am almost done with the list (Including the last one, believe it or not!) so need some ideas!

  1. Rearrange Dropbox/SharePoint/computer folders
  2. Cleaning up Customer lists
  3. Preparing new launch plans
  4. Write Blog posts for the rest of the year
  5. Clean up Social Media history
  6. …..

Here is the whole list from 1 to 10 of practical things you can do from the sofa in your house to make sure your business comes back better and stronger when this whole things blows over: LockDown TO DO for Busy Entrepreneurs

Stay Safe,