Speaker Assignments

My favourite topics include:

  • Building a winning team from a bunch of discontented angry people
  • The Peacock Strategy — make a startup the market leader in 3 years
  • How Small beats Big, and how to build on Nimble feet
  • My journey from Ballerina mistakes to Business maker
  • Women in STEM and female leadership
  • Why kindness is an underestimated leadership quality and how to change it
  • Bringing  in talent, apprenticeships and mentoring young women
  • NLP and micro expressions, the necessity for someone working internationally
  • Why focusing on strength is so much more useful than fixing weaknesses

I do talks from 5 min to 3 hour workshops, depending on the task at hand. I never run over and I am always well prepared, but not over rehearsed. I like interactions, and will draw on experience in the room, as well as encourage discussion.

Here are some snippets from previous assignments:

Selling the Thing – https://youtu.be/xFgAngl0xQ4

Interaction and Communication – https://youtu.be/ATzAUinQLNA

 Exit Strategy – https://youtu.be/YrBgGfC1QmU

Buckingham University

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