I have chosen to describe a few people who have made an impression that has changed something for me. I have deliberately chosen to leave some out; perhaps they are too personal, too sensitive, or I am simply not sure what the lesson was. What I am trying to say is: there are many people who have made me who I am. Your name on or off this list makes no difference to the importance.


  • The people in the car who drove by a crying ten year old girl sitting in the snow on the side of the road, just looking at her instead of helping taught me resilience.
  • My very strict English teacher in school who told me on my last day that he was proud of me taught me patience.
  • Senior woman at Allergan who told me to stop trying, we were never going to be competing for the same roles anyway taught me never to accept when someone else tries to put you down.
  • The doctor who told me after years of despair that it wasn’t my fault, having now idea she probably saved my life taught me to hope.
  • A family who opened their house and their hearts to me when I needed it the most, and has never closed either taught me that friends come in different shapes and forms, we just have to look.
  • The man who told me that the most important contract is an honest handshake (thank you , dad).
  • The leader who told me I should tie my hair back, wear a suit, flat shoes and no make up, and his boss to told me to never ever make any compromises just because others may be intimidated by a strong female. That taught me to always stay true to who I am.
  • My children, for reminding me that when you fall, you get back up. Again, and again and again. They teach me new things every day.
  • The lawyer who told me I had started a new company without even knowing it. That taught me the importance of talking to others to get a different viewpoint.
  • An employee who changed my view on what I want for my company going forward, because I watched her and realized she is doing what I am looking for, teaching me to constantly reevaluate my thinking and my beliefs.

Have you ever listed those who changed something in you?