Angela Spang, Short Bio

Angela Spang is the founder, owner and managing director of Award winning JUNE MEDICAL, an international medical device company operating since 2013, with base in Marlow, United Kingdom. Angela has a broad and long background in international business with medical device, having held internationally focused senior positions with Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Allergan (AGN) and American Medical Systems (END). She also owns and runs a medical education company, focused on training health care professionals on surgical procedures using cadaveric tissue, LONDON MEDICAL EDUCATION ACADEMY.

Angelas repeated successes are directly related to her talent of finding and forming teams of people who consistently exceeds expectations and outperform their competition, and her strategic abilities in launching products that beat the launch curves and swiftly become market leaders. She has also transformed mature products with mediocre previous performance to becoming leaders in their space. Her formal education includes both International Economics and Marketing. She is respected and appreciated by customers, admired by peers and revered by her staff.

Born in Sweden, having lived in France, US and now in the UK since 8 years, she is truly international in her thinking, expertise and experience. With a strong entrepreneurial drive, a philanthropic and generous side (she has established a charity collaboration with The Fistula Foundation and Direct Relief), she has a genuine wish to do good and to help those less fortunate, as well as to run successful businesses.

Having just hired an export manager, JUNE MEDICAL International  is taking its first steps in international trade, and all three companies are growing rapidly.


Or,  the cocktail hour version if that is preferred:

Hired. Fired. Built brands. Killed brands.  Worked in large blue chip pharma. Started own companies (four, to be specific). Traveled the world. Made mistakes. Won awards. Hired well. Hired badly. Worked as a dancer.  Was very bored in school.  Was really sick for a very long time. Wrote and illustrated a childrens book. Learned a lot all the time. Lived in 5 countries. Have line-managed more than 18 different nationalities.