Angela Spang is the founder of several companies in the JUNE MEDICAL group and owner of Mosaic Surgical.


JUNE MEDICAL is an award winning global medical device company specialising in surgical solutions, with offices in USA, UK and Sweden (EU REP).  JUNE MEDICAL is an environmentally conscious industry innovator and all devices are tailored to patients’ needs, aiming to reduce recovery time and making surgery simpler and safer. 

Mosaic Surgical

Mosaic Surgical offers clinicians and medtech innovators a faster route to market for their medical device ideas by acting as a single-source partner taking care of everything from design and regulation procedures to commercialisation. The company encourages clinicians who are often put off by the lengthy procedures of the medical device design industry to approach Mosaic with their ideas. The company’s unique market proposition is that it has the knowledge and expertise to take a product through every step of the production line and launch it to market. Mosaic also provides UK Rep services to medical device companies from across the globe selling into the UK.