Beware. Frustrated Entrepreneur.


We work hard. I have hired the best I could find, and I have coached and refined their skills. They are like racehorses: competitive, well trained, prepared and with a winning attitude. They are GOOD. We run circles around most competitors, thanks to the internal dedication and alignment.

So you can imagine how VERY frustrating it is to me when we have to collaborate with companies who don’t have that kind of ethos. Companies who don’t focus on their staff, which means the staff don’t focus on their employer. While my gang would go through fire for our company and our colleagues, we sometimes run into companies who….just don’t. And boy do we get pissed off. We raise hell on earth. Rarely makes a difference though.

–If we promised a customer something, we WILL get it to them… on time.
–We try our VERY best, always. You better do the same if you want to supply us.
–Our CUSTOMER FOCUS is relentless. Yours should be too.

Doesn’t that sound simple!?

So why isn’t that the primary objective of EVERY organisation?!

3 thoughts on “Beware. Frustrated Entrepreneur.”

  1. I might be completely wrong but seems like you are describing the vast majority of the corporate world…Companies that have been around so long that they forget that it’s their staff and clients that got them where they are. Companies that do things the way they do it because…well, that’s the way they have always done it.
    Right or right? 😅

    1. I think You are spot on, unfortunately. I wonder if there is a certain size, number of employees or a change in ownership structure that is the catalyst of that kind of change. What do you think is the point in time where it changes?

      1. That would make for an interesting study! I think many factors play a part… But my experience is it’s all down to the culture, and that comes from the top down.
        I’ve seen small companies of 20 or less behaving like unwieldy dinosaurs but also big companies behaving something like small and agile start ups.

        In each case, I can see the stamp (or lack of it) of the manager’s personality on the culture.