I am not sure I have a lot to add to the internet, but it does strike me as practical to have a place to collect articles and other things. I am the founder and owner of four companies, swedish  but living in UK, an optimistic introvert, and full of ideas and solutions. I have a patent in the US, and 6 innovation projects on the books.

I’m proud to be a Finalist for Bucks Business Leader of the Year Award 2016, and winner of Best New Business 2015 (and second company was Finalist of Best new Business 2016). In addition,  I was proud to be awarded the prestigious cross sector UK wide award from First Women as Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017. None of this would be happening without my amazing teams, and I am eternally grateful.

My job is easy: I find brilliant people and amazing products, and once we have a strategy agreed, my job is to get out of the way and let the magic commence.

If you find something useful, I am glad. If you find something inspiring, I am delighted.

Thank you for visiting,